Personal Challenges

Grief and Bereavement
Grief can open our hearts to new possibilities in our lives.

Health Challenges
Through her work with the Transformational Thought Leadership Network, Dr. Katie Eastman helps patients and families navigate through complex medical systems by supporting them in making the best decisions for their unique needs.

When we seek to recreate ourselves in a new place, new job or new school there is a grief process that allows us to open our hearts to new beginnings.

Divorce happens to the whole family. Perhaps one of the most challenging personal losses one can endure is divorce. Why?

School years can be challenging for children and adolescents at different times in their lives.

As a former caregiver during the last year of her mother’s life, Katie Eastman has first-hand understanding of how professionals become part of a complex care team when a patient is seriously ill.

Professional Challenges

Dr. Katie Eastman supports and guides you in becoming a “conscious caregiver.”

Confusion causes conflict and clarity- cohesion. Whenever we work together in teams, we have different opinions and communication challenges.

Program Development
Dr Katie Eastman is a program development specialist in the field of community engagement. She has experience in building community partnerships on the local, national and international level, especially in the non- profit sector.

Grief, Loss, or Change
As we have all noted from the September 11th attacks and other similar workplaces tragedies, there are residual effects of loss and grief.

End Of Life
Every day we make choices – from what to put in our coffee to where we choose to live and work. Some days we are more complacent about why and how we make choices because we take for granted how much time we have to live the way we choose.