Kate Eastman services

For lasting transformational change to occur, an assessment period is required to identify goals and implement actionable steps using the RE-CREATE program of transformational change.

R: READINESS to change is the first step. We use an assessment tool (available online) to identify the issues that prevent you from accessing your personal source of wisdom and power.

E: EMPOWER- We give you the power to identify your prioritized goals based on responses to your own personal assessment results.

C: CONSCIOUS – You will become aware of the thoughts that direct your behaviors and we will assist you in developing more positive thoughts to create healthy, desirable behaviors.

R: RESPONDING (VERSUS REACTING) to others becomes part of the transformational process. You will be utilizing communication tools to alter the way you behave in your relationships.

E: ENJOY – life with a new perspective! You will soon become better today than yesterday.

A: AWAKE (AND AWARE) of the obstacles and challenges. You will have the resources to overcome what has previously prevented you from thriving in your daily life.

T: TRANSFORM – your thoughts. You will develop combined behaviors and processes to maintain lasting change.

E: ENLIGHTENED! Now that you have made changes in your own life, we provide you with tools to identify your passion for social change and a sense of purpose. We help you identify how you can make a difference.

The TRANSFORMATIONAL THOUGHT LEADERSHIP NETWORK (TTLN) is designed for individuals, families, private groups, or public workshops. The TTLN is a focused and participative approach to overcoming potentially debilitating emotions and physical pain as a result of grief related to divorce or separation, professional loss, community loss, overwhelming life challenges, or adults and adolescents simply requiring the tools and guidance to make better life choices.

Dr. Katie Eastman carefully assess circumstances, lifestyles, environments and capacity. From this assessment comes a plan for optimal results and desired outcomes. A customized approach to transformational thought processes and healthy living. Through these processes, the TTLN offers individual, group, and family coaching options to explore the most comfortable paths leading to a life filled with clarity, optimism, happiness, confidence and abundance. TTLN offers customizable plans and packages, allowing the greatest flexibility tailored to individual commitment and budget, giving all who truly desire the tools to overcome personal and professional obstacles, required for lasting change.