Groups/Businesses in Transition

transitionSuccessful businesses often undergo frequent changes to ensure continuous creative inspiration and secure financial viability. With change can come loss. Communication that clarifies expectations and opportunity for the feedback loop maximize efficient and effective transitions.

Dr Eastman works with small groups and or entire companies to strategize and develop action steps to navigate change developing productive communication systems.

Sample of possible workshop topics:

  • How management best inform and educate staff regarding impending change.
  • Minimizing internal conflict and workplace anxieties during the change process.
  • Measuring the emotional cost of change and the long term impacts on the enterprise, departments, individual employees and cross-functional teams.
  • Addressing and mitigating feelings of career loss or change, and personal and financial insecurity (i.e., external resource options).
  • Understanding the impact of change on designated change agents and management.
  • Honoring the pass-through impacts on family and community.
  • Painting a profitable business picture that aligns with a healthy corporate culture.