Groups/Businesses Facing Loss

transitionLoss in the workplace can affect morale and ultimately productivity, yet most managers have very little education and understanding of how to support staff in these situations. Allowing open communication, providing an opportunity to express emotion and education about the impact of grief in the workplace can greatly reduce the negative effect of the loss. Unresolved grief can be projected into frustration, lack of concentration and increased conflict. There is often increased sick leave and other negative consequences can manifest when employees are not given the opportunity to express their grief. Dr. Eastman provides your group and company with the tools to communicate and support one another throughout the experience of workplace loss.

Sample workshop topics include:

  • The impact of loss in the workplace
  • How grief manifests
  • Reducing conflict during loss
  • For workplace accidents:
  • The effects of witnessing the death in the workplace
  • The ripple effect of co- worker’s experiencing loss
  • The dynamics of traumatic loss