grief and bereavement

Grief and Bereavement

grief and bereavementNone of us is promised tomorrow.

The choices we make in the midst of our pain from grief determines our capacity to use grief as a catalyst to improving our lives.  When we experience loss of a significant relationship or aspect of our life, it creates emotional pain we know as grief. The emotional vulnerability we experience when we are enduring emotional pain from grief allows us, if we let it, to ask
ourselves the following:

  • Am I living each day according to what I value most?
  • How often am I content, happy or joyful?
  • Are the relationships in my life fulfilling?
  • Am I living a meaningful life?
  • Am I regularly making a difference in the life of another?

If you or a loved one are experiencing grief/ loss/ bereavement, I will support you in rediscovering the feelings of love and peace and help you redefine your pain into a higher
purpose – an intention which you choose to make your life more meaningful and

Transforming PAIN to PURPOSE will be a valuable and helpful aspect of your healing.