end of life

End of Life

Death is life’s greatest teacher.

end of lifeEvery day we make choices – from what to put in our coffee to where we choose to live and work. Some days we are more complacent about why and how we make choices because we take for granted how much time we have to live the way we choose. If we take for granted that our health and all aspects of our lives that contribute to our general well- being are indefinitely stable, we make one kind of choice. If we live intentionally reminding ourselves of the unpredictability of our life circumstances, we choose more wisely. A cancer patient views life from a different perspective, well aware of the fragility of life, they no longer take for granted the time they have to be or do something that will enhance their life with greater joy.

Death is the ultimate transition. However, all change is a form of something dying. We are in a constant state of transformation. When we understand the extreme, we grasp the lessons of the little deaths that occur throughout our life. To understand and accept and even comprehend that death exists, allows us to live our best life. Only when we know the fragility and transient state of all aspects of our life will we live in the present, accept our enough-ness and allow our soul’s voice to guide our life. By confronting our fear of death, we confront our fear of change. Our souls’ journey is a quest to understand life before we die. When the heart shatters from the grief over a death, it is in the recreation, that we find our highest and best selves as we transform pain to purpose.