divorce and seperation

Divorce | Separation

People experiencing the process of divorce must navigate layers of emotions, often coupled with the loss of individual and family dreams. Working with the recreation of writing a new story for a family is the focus of supporting people of all ages through divorce.

divorce and separation

Dr. Katie Eastman provides support for adults and children as they allow themselves to revisit previous choices they made in their lives in contrast with the new life they wish to create. Balancing the revelations of lessons learned from the past with hopeful visions of the future, the Transformational Thought Leadership Network facilitates the process, addressing outcomes, redefining roles, relationships and establishing new dreams.

Divorce is also a loss that is revisited over time. As children grow and face developmental milestones, they can long once again for the missing parent, especially if they are separated geographically. Likewise, when one divorced partner re-marries or re-commits to a new partner the disruption causes grief to be re-visited. Also, diverse family situations become more complicated from separation and the breaking up of a committed relationship. In each of these situations, Dr. Eastman provides supportive, empathic guidance in how to restore and recreate a sense of family.