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I have been away from my blog for a long period of time, working instead on a book I have been writing for several years. Having been interviewed for this important article,
I decided I would like to return to communicating with all of you directly. After all, my book is entitled ” Connect Now!”If there is one message I want to carry forward from this article, it is the value of do it now, connect now, make today your decision day!

As Morrie taught us and many who have faced life limiting health conditions have learned- none of us is promised tomorrow. As we witness the lives lost in Paris and daily hear stories of lives lost too soon, we have a choice. Do we shut out these influences and focus on a more sheltered world view or do we listen????

I personally love to immerse myself in the Hallmark Channel happy ending stories instead of watching CNN, and I am realizing, I really need to understand and have a more balanced perspective. Life is not unidimensional. It’s the reality of the unrest in our world that informs how I need to live my life differently. This realization inspired me to ask: Do we hear the voices who describe pain and loss and resolve to give these lives meaning by making a choice to live our lives better? Do we take inventory of how we can individually and collectively make our world a kinder and more compassionate place by becoming a more tolerant person? Do we make a choice to speak up when we hear or witness acts of devaluing another in our own lives. Do we connect, immediately, TODAY with our own values and ask the tough question- am I part of the solution or part of the problem?

My choice to once again enter into dialogue with all of you is my choice today to be part of bringing more light and less darkness into the world. On a daily basis as a psychotherapist I hear stories of people who say “if only I had .,” Its often a cancer diagnosis or the unexpected death of a loved one and most often crisis that wakes most of us up to making decisions to make a change. Why do we wait? Why do we live so readily in the future and the fearful place of waiting for someday? If I have learned one thing and I have learned many from my clients, it’s that one of their greatest source of pain is the time lost from waiting to live the life they truly want.

The wisdom Morrie and those who have led discussions about death as we describe in this article understand is that TODAY is your day. My hope is that those who read this will start with choosing one aspect of their daily existence they want to improve and resolve to make a change- NOW!

To love others begins with our love of ourselves and our valuing of our own needs. Our choice to self- care is a step closer to becoming more compassionate and isn’t that what this world needs- more compassion and less judgement.My I value tolerance and diversity. My language is love and I today am taking a step to make my small difference. Are you with me?
1. What is your small change?
2. How do you begin?
3. How can you be more tolerant and compassionate?

Source: Dr Kati Eastman

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