Every day there are increasing numbers of us being asked to provide caregiving support. Whether this be related to caring for an aging parent or parents, a special needs child or a friend or colleague with Cancer, we have daily opportunities to care. Each day can be the equivalent to the effort it takes to run a marathon for caregivers. Providing support strategies empowers caregivers with the emotional strength they need to meet their daily challenges.


Having worked with caregivers in the most difficult of circumstances, caring for a dying child, Dr. Katie Eastman has witnessed the strength and courage that can emerge from the experience not only from the caregiver, but also from those who engage with them. The ability to express greater compassion experienced from conscious caregiving can remind us of the essence of life, learning to love.

As a caregiver herself to her aging parents until their respective deaths, she understand the choices made on a daily basis and the impact they have on our lives as individuals but also collectively, when it becomes transformative. The choice points within these experiences are the focus of her work with caregivers. For example, the choices may include:


1. By understanding my chosen role in this situation I will:
2. By examining realistic standards I will:
3. With an open mind and heart I:

By asking ourselves questions, considering alternatives and making more conscious choices, caregiving can be a catalyst for transformative changes in how we view and live our lives.

Sample Workshop for Caregivers

A sample workshop for professional caregivers who care for people at end- of- life. Read more about it here.