As a presenter and consultant, Dr. Katie Eastman shares her personal experience as a caregiver and more than 20 years of experience presenting on various topics related to palliative care, hospice, grief, illness and end-of-life with both an educational approach and community-based focus. She values teamwork with patients and families, working together equally and understanding each others perspectives. To achieve this end, she advocates workshops and trainings bringing everyone together at the table to contribute in sometimes difficult conversations.


Dr. Katie Eastman offers a series of workshops related to professional caregivers gaining understanding of what seriously ill patients need to understand in order to develop better patient and family centered care. She also offers workshops, for families to empower them to work together with professional caregivers to ensure their needs are met. Through honest communication about each others perspectives, empathy and compassion builds and the result is optimal quality of life for patients and their families.


These workshops are appropriate for community and professional for-profit and non-profit groups and organizations who provide services to those facing potentially debilitating and painful life changes. Participants gain an understanding of the dynamics of grief, effects of serious illness, end-of -life processes, reality of loss and the impact of monumental life changes. Assessments and program development are designed for groups and organizations desiring a thorough assessment of the: 1. Dynamics affecting change 2. Strategies to implement change 3. Descriptive plan of actions for implementing change 4. Support and follow-up in maintaining change Program options include: 3-Month assessment, evaluation and strategic plan 6-Month assessment, evaluation, strategic plan, implementation plan and follow-up 1 Year program development process.

Sample Workshop for Caregivers