Awake! Aware! Alert!

Our physical body can be our best messenger. The challenge is to listen! I have learned that my body sends signals from my brain that I can use in decision- making and living more consciously. For me, there are three primary ways I receive physiological indicators of my overall perception of an … [Read more...]

2014: Make A Resolution, Not To Change – To EVOLVE!

 I wonder what would happen if this year our New Year’s resolutions focused on embracing our strengths, gifts and talents? What if we focused our energy more on loving whom we are now and redirect our thoughts away from what we perceive is wrong with us or needing to be changed? What if our resolve … [Read more...]

Pain To Purpose: The Connection Between Suffering, Compassion, and Community

  I read a book many years ago while struggling to understand Apartheid, and came upon a statement made by Nelson Mandela that profoundly impacted my life. He maintained that emotional pain becomes suffering when we endure it alone. Suddenly, my understanding of the connection between … [Read more...]

Societal Transformation Necessitates Personal Action

I am deeply saddened by yet another heartbreaking story of a young man who walks into a school filled with innocent children and begins the process of shattering lives. To many this may be a seemingly senseless act of rage and hate, without reason or regard for consequence. This breaks my heart as … [Read more...]

Filial Piety – Caring For An Aging Population: Are You Emotionally Prepared?

Across the globe rapidly aging populations have left the responsibility of caring for elders in the hands of their children. The children are more often than not, unskilled, unwilling caregivers who either out of a sense of obligation or increasingly as a last resort, have no choice but to step up … [Read more...]

The first day of school

I can still evoke the giddiness and fears as I put on my carefully chosen outfit and select my "just right" school supplies and carefully get into my mother's newly vacuumed car. The silence is palpable as I consider all the new experiences I face in the day ahead. I ask myself: "who is in my class? … [Read more...]