Phenomenal woman-phenomenal life!

  People will be writing about Maya Angelou today because there are so many of us who have been deeply influenced by her words and her life. I am no exception. My first introduction to this wonderful soul was her poem Phenomenal Woman. It touched me so deeply because at the time, I was … [Read more...]

The power of never, never, never, never never giving up!

“Never give up--never, never, never, never.." These famous words were spoken by Winston Churchill during World War II. They are also the words of a very wise teen, Jason Edward DeBusk, who spoke them to me, and to whom I made a promise twenty-five years ago. He wanted to make a difference in the … [Read more...]

Vive la différence! And yes, it matters.

I gazed out at my backyard this morning and saw this blossoming Rhododendron. At first my mind was drawn to the pink flower in the center and I began questioning a single lone flower of a different color. I was all about why, why this color, why does it happen, why are there oddities in nature? … [Read more...]

Embrace the hallways in life…

My mentor and friend, Elisabeth Kubler Ross used to say that "When one door opens, another closes, but the hallway is hell.." I wonder what she meant by that? I am imagining that she is referring to those times when we are in transition; the in between of what is behind us and what is before us. … [Read more...]

There are no words…

 Living here in Washington, less than an hour away from the mudslide, we are face to face with first responders. They are our neighbors. We hear the stories of their harrowing daily attempts to bring bodies out of the mud and home to the family members who want them to rest in peace. We are glued to … [Read more...]

Now What???

NOW WHAT?? CHANGING LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES IMPOSED upon us can leave us uttering in panic "NOW WHAT?" For those of us who have experienced waking up in the middle of the night, sweating, rapid pulse and tightness in our chest, we will have remembered that unforgettable event that occurred the day … [Read more...]

Navigating the precipice of loss

When I was 15, I had the privilege of climbing one of the Rocky Mountains- Longs Peak. Our leader at the time, my youth minister, warned us of the importance of watching our steps, taking it slowly, attending to our breath and above all we were told to support one another and work as a team. … [Read more...]