Connect Now!

I have been away from my blog for a long period of time, working instead on a book I have been writing for several years. Having been interviewed for this important article, I decided I would like to return to communicating … [Read more...]

Have we forgotten the power of a teenager to create positive social change?

When will we stop pathologizing each other and describing ourselves and our kids as broken and in need of fixing? I live in Washington state and the recent school shooting has awakened this sense of how can we fix the problems that stress our kids? My perspective is a bit different. How can we … [Read more...]

Working “Smart”

Lately, I have been coming in contact with more and more people who are like a hamster on a wheel working desperately to support their families and destroying themselves at the same time. The complexities of finding a job, making enough money to support a family and then having quality time to … [Read more...]

The lessons of football

 It is September and that means in many communities across America, rituals begin around a sport that brings people of all ages and stages together to support their team. You might be scratching your head wondering what football has to do with my work and I assure you the answer is "quite a lot!" … [Read more...]

Its how they live

  All of us are reeling from the knowledge that we will no longer laugh at the crazy and unpredictable antics of Robin Williams in the same way. Of course only a few truly knew him and experienced his depression firsthand, but for some of us- it's a reminder of other loved ones who we have watched … [Read more...]


A few years ago my then 8-year old daughter and I were talking about peer pressure we came up with this phrase- “when in doubt, dance out…”These words came from her own natural inclination to flow gracefully with movement and her creative association with how to create a metaphor she would remember. … [Read more...]