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about katie eastman

Dr Katie EastmanDr. Katie Eastman has over 25 years of inpatient, outpatient, mental health and life coaching experience. Her area of focus is support before during and after serious loss, change and transition related to serious illness, divorce, retirement, relocation and death.

She has a strong passion for people of all ages committed and dedicated to making improvements and changes in the midst of daily challenges. When we experience loss of a significant relationship or aspect of our life, it creates emotional pain we know as grief. The choices we make in the midst of our grief determines our capacity to use loss as a catalyst to improve our lives. Dr. Katie supports you in rediscovering your feelings of love and peace and helps you redefine your pain.

Dr. Katie Eastman’s mission is designed for individuals, families, private groups, or public workshops, and is is designed with a focused and participative approach to overcoming debilitating emotions and physical pain as a result of grief, divorce or separation, professional loss, community loss, overwhelming life challenges, adults and adolescents simply requiring the tools and guidance to make better life choices, private groups, businesses, and anyone seeking support and education about transformational change.

Dr. Katie Eastman and her network of professionals, carefully assess circumstances, lifestyles, environments, and capacity.  From this assessment comes a plan for optimal results and desired outcomes – a customized approach to transformational thought processes and healthy living. Through these processes,Dr. Katie Eastman offers individual, group, and family coaching options to explore the most comfortable paths leading to a life filled with clarity, optimism, happiness, confidence, and abundance.

Dr. Katie Eastman offers customizable plans and packages, allowing the greatest flexibility tailored to individual commitment and budget, giving all who truly desire the tools to overcome personal and professional obstacles, required for lasting change, the opportunity to participate.